This year we will have auditions. You will have to audition if you do not have the required WSDC points for your chosen Group, or if you are in Group Gold and want to join Group Red.

Auditions for Group Black, White and Red will happen Saturday before the workshops in the Ballroom from 12:00 to 12:45.

Group Red will consist of Group Gold Dancers that wish to join a slightly higher Level. We have created this option to reduce the number of dancers in the Gold Level and to make the Groups more homogenous. There is space for 20 couples in this Group.

Blueno audition-
Goldno audition-
Redaudition required if you want to join this Group12:30
Whiteaudition required if you do not have WSDC intermediate points12:20
Blackaudition required if you do not have WSDC advanced/allstar points12:15

Schedule 2018
We are looking at over 10 hours of workshops and speciality classes per level over the weekend as well as all night dancing every day.

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Food - Restaurants
We have food at the bar in the ballroom. A choice of sandwiches, soups, hotdogs, cakes, fruits, etc.

Map with Restaurants close by.

Flying Pizza Menu.