Event passes are sold out. You can still register to be put on the waiting list.
Registration for passes is separate from the intensive registrations.

We offer full passes, party passes. On Thursday and Sunday, there is also an evening pass. See the sections below for details.

What the passes give you Full pass Party pass
All parties (Thu-Sun) yes yes
3h all-level workshops yes yes
6h leveled workshops yes no
Jack & Jill Competition possible (*) possible (*)
Intensives possible (*) possible (*)

(*) The intensives and the J&J competition are not included in your pass.

Full Pass

The full pass includes:

There are 300 full passes available. We recommend you to book early to benefit from our discount prices. We expect to sell out, so do not wait too long to register!

Prices for the full pass change depending on the number of available tickets. While we try to keep the website updated, we cannot guarantee you get a certain discount. Your final price will be in your registration email:

Swiss International (+)
First 100 full passes (SOLD OUT) CHF 220 CHF 190
Second 100 full passes (SOLD OUT) CHF 230 CHF 200
Last 100 full passes (SOLD OUT) CHF 240 CHF 210

(+) International means you do not live in Switzerland.

Party Pass (Sold out)

The party pass includes:

Our 50 party passes are SOLD OUT. The price for the party pass is CHF 140.-.

Evening Pass

On Thursday and Sunday you can buy an evening pass at the door, which grants you access to:

You cannot participate in intensives or competitions with the evening pass. There is NO evening pass on Friday and Saturday, to get access to the Friday and Saturday party, you need a Full pass or a Party pass.

Prices are:

  • Thursday evening: CHF 10.-
  • Sunday evening: CHF 15.- party only / CHF 25.- party + all-level workshop

All Star Pass

There is a discounted full pass for All Star dancers. To be eligible for the discount, you need to be allowed to compete in WSDC J&J All Star division (you need the All Star badge on the WSDC points page). The price is CHF 100.- and includes:


Your full pass includes 6 hours of amazing workshops with top pros. The workshops are divided by level to ensure everyone gets the most out of them. Refer to the workshop level page for details.

Jack & Jill

There is going to be a WSDC Jack & Jill competition. We have Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & All Star divisions. No other competitions will be held. The full pass and party pass allow you to register for competitions. The price is CHF 20 / entry. You register and pay for J&J directly at the event.

All-level Workshops

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is going to be an all-level workshop. Access to the party gives you access to the all-level evening workshop (except Saturday). Note, this is different from the leveled workshops during the day.

Couple registration

We are balancing passes so there might be waiting lists for leaders or followers. If you want to ensure you can come with your patner, fill the partner field in the registration form and we make sure you are admitted together.

To register with a partner, you both must use the same type of pass (full pass or party pass). You do not need to register for the same workshop level.

Payment Options

We accept payments by bank transfer only. Once you have registered you will receive an email with your payment details.

Passes need to be paid within 10 days or you will have to re-register.

Terms and Conditions

Pass purchases are final, non-transferable and non-refundable. For special circumstances, please contact us.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here (German only).